Ceramic heirloom keepsakes unique to your child.


We can’t slow down the clock.

Let them be little. They're only this small once. Time goes by too fast. 

It’s all true. Every mom wants to freeze time in order to look back and remember the tiny hands of their children, from newborns, to their first day of school and beyond. But often, so many of those memories remain on our camera roll.

Turn Memorable Moments into Quality Keepsakes

Clay impressions capture the unique and intricate details of your child. The details that only belong to them.

Each impression is captured through your child pressing their hands and feet into a slab of wet clay.  Next, our team of artists delicately crafts each product to be uniquely yours.

From the vibrant colors to the handwriting on each product. Our goal is to create a heirloom keepsake with a high-caliber aesthetic that will last a lifetime.

Clay impressions capture the tiny wrinkles of a newborn's hands,  and the soft pads of a toddlers toes. No two impressions are the same nor could ever be replaced.

Deep grief or sorrow is often shared through artistic expression.  It is our honor to provide lasting memories to families who are grieving or hurting.

Here’s How We Do It.

Turn your memorable moments into quality keepsakes, today.

Over 10,000 Impressions Preserved

As a mom of three, I’ve watched my children go from newborns to full-blown children in what feels to be a blink of an eye. Throughout those years, there have been moments I absolutely never wanted to forget. The problem is, so often these memories get stuffed into a box never to see the light of day. I truly believe every mom deserves a way to turn these memories into quality keepsakes for friends and family to enjoy everyday.

xoxo, Lindsay