About Us

At Cowtown Clay, we help preserve your memories by creating professional impressions of your children’s hands and feet that will last a lifetime. We know too well that our children grow up way too fast, and we find ourselves wanting to bottle up every stage- from newborn to preschool and beyond. Our own littles are the inspiration behind our craft- and while we can't slow the clock, we have found this wonderful way to remember their innocence for years to come. No two impressions are the exact same- every one is as unique and special as your child (or pet!).

Owner of Cowtown Clay

Lindsay Minor

Lindsay is a native Houstonian who calls Fort Worth home. She is married to Brad and they have 3 children, Caroline, Charlie and Annie. She loves being able to provide special keepsakes to families all around the country!

Cowtown Clay was founded in 2018 by Lindsay Minor and Kellie Wright. Kellie stepped away from the business in 2023 to spend more time with her family.