How it Works

We are happy to have three ways to create lasting keepsakes for you and your family! Please read about the differences described below to see what will work best for you.

Mail-Order Kits

Our mail order kits are a great option for customers who live out of town!  We send you a kit with the oven bake clay you'll need to take your child's impressions at home, along with detailed instructions and a return label to mail them back to us.  You will then take your child's impressions, bake them in the oven, and mail them back to us.  From there, we can make as many products as you'd like to order from our shop.  (Yes, we can make multiple products from the single impression you send us!) We will mail your original impressions back to you with your final products- that way if you ever want to order more products in the future using those original impressions, you have that option without ordering another kit.  You will need one kit per child, which should be enough to print both hands and feet, if desired. (Please note that there are some products that have a 4-5 year age limit for foot impressions) We restock our kits at the first of every odd month (January, March, May, etc). 

In-Person Studio Prints

Another way to make a keepsake is to come into our brick and mortar studio in Fort Worth. We are open Wednesday-Friday from 9-11 AM for impressions.  You'll order everything you'd like with the help of one of our team members when you arrive, and then we will then press your child's hands and feet into our wet clay before you leave. We do not have a limit on how many products you can order at one time!  We are not able to "save" your child's impressions for future use with this option, because when we take your child's impressions, we are using the slab of clay that will become your final product.  If you order multiple plates, we will take your child's impressions multiple times. 

Acrylic Shadowboxes

Our acrylic shadowboxes are one of our best selling products, and make the sweetest heirloom gifts.  When you order a shadowbox, you will have the option to select a mail order kit with your shadowbox (If you select that you're local, we will contact you to set up your child's impressions in person.  If you select that you are not local, a kit will be added to your order automatically.) Even if you do live locally, you are welcome to select "not local" and make your shadowbox with a kit. Once you receive your kit, you are welcome to use it to order other products in our shop as well.  If you choose to print your child in person for your box, come see us Wednesday-Friday 9-11!

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