Ink Print Shadowbox

Have you been impacted by premature birth or infant loss? Alternatively, do you wish you had physical impressions of your child as a newborn? Often times the only hand/footprints that are able to be taken in the hospital are ink on paper. We are excited to offer clay impressions from your ink prints, framed in our best selling acrylic shadowboxes. We will take a copy of your ink prints and create impressions in clay, reflecting the exact size and shape of your child’s prints on paper. We hope this will provide you with a more tangible, lasting memory of your child as a baby. 

Please make a copy of your ink prints and either mail or drop them off to: Cowtown Clay, 5348 West Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107. Include your name and your order number in the envelope and we’ll take it from there!
Orders take approximately 8-10 weeks once we receive your prints.